Can I cancel or amend my travel health insurance for visitors to Canada?

Purchasing travel health insurance for visitors to Canada is crucial to ensure your journey is healthy and affordable. However, what happens if unexpected events require you to leave Canada? If you stay in Canada, can you get a refund if you and your family become eligible for government health insurance a few months after you arrive? 

Before buying travel insurance, it’s important to understand how to amend your coverage before and after travelling to Canada. So let’s explore how you can cancel, refund, pause, or extend your travel insurance with Manulife. 


Can I cancel travel health insurance for visitors to Canada coverage before I arrive? 

Yes, after you purchase your coverage, you can cancel your policy for a refund before you arrive in Canada. To be eligible for a full refund, you need to:

  • Cancel your Manulife policy before its effective date.
  • Have not yet travelled to Canada.
  • Have not submitted a claim under your new policy. 


Can I cancel my travel health insurance for visitors to Canada after my policy’s effective date?

Yes, there are two main reasons why you may wish to cancel your travel insurance policy: 

  • Your trip is cut short, and you need to leave Canada permanently. 
  •  You become eligible for government health insurance. 

In either of these cases, you can apply for a partial refund for the unused days of your travel insurance policy if:

  • You have not made any claims on your policy. 
  • You have not used any assistance services.
  • Everyone insured under the same policy has either left Canada or has secured government health insurance. 
  • Parent and Grandparent Super Visa holders who permanently leave the country must prove their departure from Canada. 

To receive a refund, you must be eligible for at least $25 worth of premiums for unused days of your visit. After the date your travel coverage begins, you can’t receive a refund for the Trip Interruption portion of your policy. 

What if I need to leave Canada but plan on returning? 

Emergency medical coverage with Manulife includes a trip break benefit. The trip break benefit allows you to return to your country of origin while suspending your medical insurance coverage until you return to Canada. Refunds are not available for the days you spend outside of Canada. 


What if I leave Canada during my trip but do not return to my country of origin? 

Manulife includes coverage for side-trips outside of Canada, as long as: 

  • Your trip begins and ends in Canada. 
  • You do not visit your country of origin (the trip break benefit applies when returning to your home country). 

In addition, your trip outside of Canada must last for either less than 30 days or 49% of your entire trip, whichever amount is lesser. For example, suppose your policy covers your visit to Canada for 365 days. In that case, your side-trip could be up to 30 days long for your travel insurance to not be suspended. Whereas, if your trip to Canada is only 35 days long, your insured side-trip could be no more than 17 days. 

Suppose your side trip exceeds 30 days or 49% of your coverage period. In that case, your travel insurance will be suspended until you return to Canada. Once you return to Canada, your coverage will resume as long as you return before your policy’s end date. 


Can I extend my travel health insurance for visitors to Canada coverage?

You can apply to extend your coverage before it expires. You will most likely be approved for an extension of coverage if: 

  • Your health status has not changed. 
  • You have not experienced any significant health issues due to an accident or illness since your initial travel insurance policy’s effective date. 
  • You have not made a claim on your current policy.

If anyone insured under your policy has experienced a health issue that has resulted in a claim or may in the future – the Manulife Assistance Center will review your coverage extension for approval. 


What if I can’t leave the country before my travel health insurance for visitors to Canada expires? 

You or your travel companion can receive an automatic extension of coverage if you are unable to leave Canada after your travel insurance expires if:  

  • Your transportation home is delayed, you will receive a coverage extension of up to 72 hours. 
  • You or your coinsured travel companion are in the hospital when your policy expires. In this case, coverage extends for a maximum of 365 days or until Manulife determines that the hospitalized individual is stable enough to be brought home. Your coverage can also extend for up to 5 days after your or your companion is discharged from the hospital. 
  • You or your companion have a medical condition when your policy expires but are not hospitalized; you can receive an extension of coverage for up to 5 days. 

Thanks for joining us as we took a look at your options for cancellations, refunds, trip breaks, side-trips and extending your visitor to Canada travel insurance. No matter where you’re from, where you’re going, and which travel insurance policy you choose, you deserve the confidence that comes with being well informed about your coverage.


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