The Best Time of Year to Launch an Ad Campaign

There are so many factors that contribute to the success of an ad campaign - timing is one of them. Our Vice-President of Digital Marketing, Khari Gaynor shares some of his tips on the best time for your campaign to take flight.
By aha insurance - Oct 23, 2018

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Finding the perfect time of year to launch your advertising campaign means being open to shifting your ideas about what good timing means. Obviously, being market ready has to be the overriding factor in any launch, but paying attention to and planning your debut with daily, monthly and yearly cycles in mind, will position your campaign for success.

While there are better times of the year to launch ad campaigns, it’s not quite as easy as announcing, “February! Yes, February is the best time to launch my advertising campaign!” Though February might be a great month to launch a campaign targeted at a Springtime product or service, there is unfortunately, nothing that makes February the perfect arbitrary launch window on the calendar.

Think Cycles

Advertising, just as businesses and all things in life tend to do, run on cycles. Predictable cycles. Once you understand the ebb and flow of the cycles that will impact your potential customer base, you’ll start to see the wisdom in planning your advertising around the yearly, monthly and even daily cycles that guide your consumers lives.

This is where market research can be your friend. Knowing who purchases your product or services can help make the timing of your campaign a success. A commercial aimed at the member of the household who does the grocery shopping shouldn’t run during the dinner hour. The same logic explains why children’s toys aren’t advertised during primetime television shows.

Yearly Cycles

Products or services that require an annual purchase or renewal are things that most people do at natural re-set points in their own yearly calendars. For example: Gyms and Diet Programmes often launch their pitches immediately prior to the New Year when they know most people take time to reflect and decide to make significant changes to their lives.

Other major natural yearly breaks coincide with Back-To-School Time, which in Ontario means early September. This is a time when families usually regroup and reset schedules and routines. Ever notice how children’s clothing commercials and sales ramp up just before the start of school? It’s no secret that a major portion of a family’s yearly apparel budget is spent at that time, outfitting children for the beginning of class.

Successful advertising campaigns are best launched at the time of year when target consumers will be at the beginning of a new cycle, and smart companies make it their business to know exactly when that will be.

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