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Top Vacation Spots In Canada

Canadians like to travel. A lot. Learn which destinations are the most popular for Canadians.
By aha insurance - Mar 7, 2022

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Now that things are beginning to warm up, it’s time to get serious about that most important of upcoming summer activities; the summer vacation. Living in Canada means having a lot of options for where to go, and many great destinations exist right here in our great country!

So if you’re thinking of a Canadian vacation, where should you go? Here are our top suggestions.

Victoria & Vancouver Island

Starting on the west coast, which locals also affectionately refer to as the “best coast,” Victoria and Vancouver Island are great spots for Canadians to visit. They’re also not far from Vancouver itself, for people interested in visiting Canada’s largest western metropolis.

Victoria is one of the oldest west coast cities in North America and shows it with the historical architecture, and the Chinatown that is situated here. If you’re looking for a place with great summer weather and city amenities without a big urban sprawl, this is a great destination.

Banff & Lake Louise

Moving to the center of the country, and the Rockies and Great Plains, Banff is, of course, a famous mountain and skiing destination for the entire world. But while winter sports are what the Rockies are best known for, Banff and Lake Louise boast some of the most stunning natural landscapes on the entire continent. Fans of nature and truly inspiring “forest primeval” won’t have anything to complain about here, but Banff’s own tourist facilities mean there’s plenty of comfort and convenience here for people that want nature without “roughing it.”


Toronto is not just Canada’s biggest city but is often cited as one of the great cities of the 21st century. Its size, history, diversity, and influence as a financial, media and artistic hotspot bring a lot of affluence to the region, while its openness to immigrants has made it a hub of culture and diversity. Often marginalized as the “Canadian New York city,” Toronto has easily outgrown the second-rate label, and become a major stop for urban tourists interested in city life.

Quebec City

For a little bit of France in Canada, there’s no question that the province of Quebec is the region to visit, and Quebec City best encapsulates this spirit. While Montreal is the modern, tourist attraction in the province of Quebec, Quebec City is easily the cultural and historical centre. If you’re looking for something with a bit of the old-world charm of Europe and France without leaving the continent, this is where you go to find it.



Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island

For fans of Canadian literature, there’s no question that a visit to PEI is a necessity. Anyone that’s grown up with the story of Anne of Green Gables will want to visit Prince Edward Island. Cavendish beach is a short hop away from the famous Green Gables Heritage Place, meaning that visitors can get a double dose of beautiful Atlantic coastline as well as exposure to one of Canada’s great literary/historical figures.

Bay Of Fundy, New Brunswick

The Bay of Fundy is regularly cited as one of the most spectacular landscapes in the natural world, and summer is the time to see it in its all its glory. Time your visit so that you can see the huge difference between high and low tide the way the landscape transforms. You’ve never seen anything like it!

This is just a sampling of what Canada has to offer when it comes to summer vacation. And no matter which part of the country you decide to travel to, you’re sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Once you choose your destination: It’s time to start planning!


Travelling with kids?

Planning a fun family trip this summer? Check out our helpful tips to keep the entire family happy during your trip from snacks and fun distractions to realistic ways to stay prepared.

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Renting a car?

If you don’t want to bring your own vehicle along for the ride and rather not rely on public transportation, renting a car is a good option for exploring hidden gems along Canada’s vast highways. Read our tips for the best budget car rental experience in Canada.

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