2019 Super Bowl Parties For The Win

Whether you're all about the game, or all about fun times with good people - ensure this Super Bowl weekend is an epic one with these tips!
By aha insurance - Jan 22, 2019

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Throwing a Super Bowl party can be a lot of fun but doing something original to separate this party from others in the past can be a challenge. Here are some ideas to boost your party to the next level without breaking the bank.

Embrace the Host City

Embracing all that the host city offers with plenty of ideas to celebrate at your party. Consider a themed party inspired celebrities born and raised in that city. Maybe they’re certain culture icons you can play on. If there is nothing you can think of, there is always food. Get your super bowl snack inspiration from the host city. Do your research and find some fun facts about the city. Use what you find and have fun with it! This will definitely incorporate a fun spin on your average Super Bowl party.

Create a Super Bowl Concession Stand

Instead of serving the usual buffet, turn your table into a concession stand with single-served popcorn bags, a hot dog and toppings area and warm pretzels. Tie the theme together with a concession-style menu sign and single-use condiments. Make it easy for people to carry their food by purchasing some cheap plastic trays or baskets at a dollar store.

Decorate Like a Pro

A green outdoor carpet or piece of material becomes a football field tablecloth with just some white tape to act as yardage lines. Cut out numbers from some self-adhesive labels numbers to add some authenticity. That same green outdoor carpet can be sacrificed and cut into squares to make football friendly coasters. Make your own paper labels with the logos of the teams or other Super Bowl themed graphic and wrap them around beer and water bottles. Track down a couple old football helmets and paint them the team colors for an theme-friendly table centerpiece.

Don’t Forget The Kids

Younger children may need some help staying engaged for the entire game. Consider downloading this Super Bowl Bingo sheet with squares devoted to “time out” and “Face painted football fanatic”. Ask the kids to decorate small paper bags with their team’s logo and then use the bags to serve them popcorn, chips or another treat. Stage a football toss championship where kids must throw a (nerf or real) football through a target with the one getting the most points over a number of shots winning a prize.

Adults Can Have Fun Too

Consider something different than the usual pool with one of these ideas: Play “Don’t say it”, where you choose a word that can’t be spoken during the game (such as “football” or “half time”) and any time someone says that word they need to throw money into a pot. Winner of the pot can be selected by putting the names of anyone who didn’t say the banned word in a hat and selecting a winner. Host a Puppy Bowl pool. It’s fast, exciting and adorable.

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