Stock Up on These Supplies Before the Holiday Rush Starts

The Holidays are extra: An extra special time of the year that is! Make sure you buy extra of these items to stay prepared.
By aha insurance - Nov 14, 2019

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The holidays are coming whether you’re ready or not. And that means traffic, crowds and long lines at the stores. So, this year, work smarter instead of harder and stock up on holiday essentials before the rush. Here’s what you should be stocking up on ahead of time!


You know what your family and friends like to drink but, for most, the basics include pop, beer and wine. If you have kids, you’ll want to also stock up on juice boxes. As you see sales in the months or weeks leading up to the holidays, take advantage and get enough of a supply to see you through the holiday season.

Wrapping Paper

If you’re like us, wrapping gifts might be one of the last tasks you tackle leading up to the holidays. And running out of paper a day or two before the big day is the worst!

“Always buy a little extra than you think you’ll need; you can use the remainder up the next year.”

Scotch Tape

On a related note, don’t forget about the scotch tape! If you’ve ever wrapped or received a gift that’s been wrapped in masking tape (or worse, glue!), you realize the importance of scotch tape in a gift’s aesthetics. Again, buy a little more than you think you’ll need. It lasts for a long time.



If you’ve ever braved the post office in the weeks leading up to the holidays, you’ll know why this recommendation is key, particularly if you make it a habit to send out holiday cards. Well in advance of the season, purchase enough stamps to get you well into the new year. With online shopping being the norm, post offices remain busy well into the new year with people returning gifts that didn’t work out.


This one may not cross your mind, but unfortunately there’s a decent chance that a member of your family or guest may come down with a winter bug at some point over the holidays. Make sure you have a selection of medicines on hand to help with typical seasonal ailments. This also includes ibuprofen for mornings after you’ve gotten a little too merry.

Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

If you’re doing any of the hosting this holiday season, you’ll be surprised what the extra bathroom traffic can do to your TP supplies. Stock up on a couple extra packages to see you through the season. The same goes for paper towels. More people = more mess. Plan accordingly.


The holidays are a time of decadence and in the food world, decadence usually equates to butter. Between baking treats, mashing potatoes and slathering it on fresh bread from the bakery, you’ll go through it pretty quickly during the holidays. Again, buy more than you think you’ll need. It freezes well and won’t go to waste if you end up with extra.


Walnuts, pecans, almonds and pistachios can get pricey! You’ll likely go through them quickly, as they’re a standard ingredient in many seasonal baked goods, and are a frequent accompaniment to cheese boards during holiday happy hours. Keep an eye on sales and stock up on this holiday staple as the prices drop. You can store them in the freezer to extend their shelf life.

Get a start on your holiday to-do list ahead of time by stocking up on these necessities. You’ll be glad you did!

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