Signature Canada Day Food To Try At Home This Year

This Canada Day, serve your family the foods that define our country.
By aha insurance - Aug 5, 2018

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Shouldn’t we all be eating the best Canada Day food with friends and family? Chowing down on classic cuisine is one of the most relaxing ways to celebrate. Set aside the hamburgers (German) and hot dogs (also German) and serve your guests some of these Canadian favourites!


If you don’t mind abandoning your diet to celebrate Canada Day food in style, whip up a batch of poutine. Crisp french fries topped with creamy cheese curds and doused in a flavorful gravy—what’s not to love? If you’re hosting a party, set up a “poutine bar” where your guests can assemble their own bowls. Batch cook the fries, and set out the cheese curds and gravy along with some smoked meat or bacon. Don’t forget to put out the napkins, eh!

Check out our favourite Authentic Canadian Poutine Recipe to guide you through selecting the perfect cheese and preparing the most mouthwatering gravy! If you’re looking for a vegan friendly option, or just want to find a way to sneak more vegetables into your spread, we also love this Easy Vegan Poutine recipe from the Minimalist Baker.

Peameal Sandwiches

Serve it on a Kaiser bun for maximum Canadian-ness. Peameal originated in Toronto and you’ll be hard-pressed to find it in other parts of the world. Make sure you have a variety of mustard on hand, as everyone has their own opinion about what variety best complements the saltiness of the peameal.


If you prefer bartending to cooking, shake up some Ultimate Caesar Cocktails for your Canada Day celebration. Similar to a Bloody Mary (but better), this quintessential Canadian cocktail comes together with vodka, clamato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire, salt, and pepper. And don’t forget the garnishes! Celery stalks, lime wedges, olives, and even bacon works in this kitchen-sink cocktail!

Butter Tarts

For dessert, the obvious choice is a batch of butter tarts. These sweet, flaky tarts are distinctively Canadian. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of making these at home! The dough comes together easily and the filling is a cinch. Raisins or no raisins? The debate rages on, but it’s one of our three iconic Canada Day foods fit for dessert.

If you’re looking to go above and beyond with your tarts, Food Network Canada even has 26 Great Canadian Butter Tart Recipes. Who knew the humbly delectable butter tart could be so versatile?

Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo bars came from the West-coast town of Nanaimo, British Columbia, but you don’t need to travel out there to find one. Serve up the custard between two layers of chocolate to take sugar levels even higher than butter tarts. The best part? They’re super easy to make, and kids will love them for the sugar content.


Beaver Tails

Beaver tails have been called the Canadian doughnut, but it’s not hard to poke a hole in that comparison. This perfect piece of Canada Day food has been around since the 1800s, making it one of the older national treasures on this list (although tourtière has it beat by 200 years or so). Look no further than Food Network Canada for instructions on How to Make a Classic Canadian Fried Dough Treat.

What makes it great for July 1st is that it’s both sweet and savoury, making it good for any time of the day—lunch, dinner, snack, or dessert. They’re easy to eat for kids as well, and you don’t need utensils either. Just watch out for cinnamon flakes and sugar crumbs all over your kids’ shorts before they go to bed!

These iconic Canadian recipes are sure to make for a memorable holiday, especially if you’re planning a Canada Day party on a budget. And, if you’re indulging in those Caesars or other alcoholic beverages, please do so responsibly and use a designated driver!

Happy Canada Day!

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