Love Apple Picking? You’ll Love These Recipes!

Step up your fall baking, cooking & bartending with these recipes for apple lovers.
By aha insurance - Oct 22, 2020

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Move over pumpkin spice! It’s time to go from the pumpkin patch to the apple orchard for seasonal flavour inspiration. As versatile as pumpkin is as an ingredient in our favourite dishes – from sweet to sour and savoury, apples might be even more so.

Whether you’ve spent many a weekend picking your favourite varieties at your local orchard or opt for the convenience of in-season supermarket selections, here’s our juicy list of fantastic apple recipes for almost any taste, meal, and occasion.

Drinks (For Kids & Grownups)

We love a good pumpkin spice latte (we even found the best coffee shop copycat PSL recipes for you to try at home), but unless you’re attending a Hogwarts banquet, you’re far more likely to reach for a glass of apple juice than pumpkin juice. From juice boxes to apple martinis, apples are oh so drinkable. Get ready to serve up these original alcoholic and virgin drinks. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even use homemade cider and juice in these beverages to truly make them signature cocktails.

  • Relax with your loved ones after a fun-filled day of apple picking with a refreshing glass of this easy to make sparkling apple cider.
  • Whether or not your kids have visited “The Happiest Place On Earth,” bring the magic home with this Disneyland copycat poison apple drink recipe. It’s perfect for a chilling treat!
  • You can also step behind the bar and help the adults in your family unwind with a blood-red fall apple sangria. There’s no apple juice in this one. Instead, you’ll need: bourbon, red wine, soda, Honeycrisp apple slices and spices.
  • For a lighter taste inspired more by cider than mulled wine, try this recipe for deliciously fruity yet still spicy apple cider sangria.
  • Are you planning a decadent brunch with friends? These caramel apple cider mimosas are the perfect accompaniment to any fall occasion.

Starters (Or Apple Appetizers)

Apples are so common in our kitchens; it’s easy to forget they can smoothly transition from a nutritious addition to a packed school lunch to the delectable first course for a fancy night in. These apple-based starters are sure to keep your taste buds happy while you anticipate the main course, which (depending on how many bushels you brought home from the orchard) might also include apples.

The Main Event (Apples For Dinner? Yes Apples For Dinner!)

Which savoury foods go best with Red Delicious, Granny Smith or Honeycrisp apples? Just like all the varieties of apples, probably way too many to list here, but the go-to favourites are pork, poultry, and cheese.

If your family can’t get enough of festive fall turkey dishes, try one of these:

If you’re looking to keep your apple dishes plant-based, Tofurky products can step up as an excellent substitute in both turkey and sausage recipes. Try this recipe for savoury baked apples with Tofurky. Plant-based eaters can also skip ahead to find a selection of vegan desserts that everyone will enjoy.

For those who can’t enjoy a slice of apple pie without a bit of cheddar, we have you covered with these melty mains.

Desserts (Think Outside The Pie)

Every family has a favourite version of apple pie or crumble, and we certainly don’t want to compete with your grandparent’s secret recipe – so here’s some out-of-the-crust options for a sweet end to your next family meal.

Vegans and healthy dessert lovers rejoice; we found some outstanding lard-free options that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

The combination of caramel with green apples is classic for a good reason! Add in the salty crunch of pretzels and chocolate for heavenly caramel apple bark your family will devour.

Or, for a sweeter take on apple salsa: Deconstruct a traditional dessert with apple pie salsa with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips.

Breakfast For Dessert (Or Dessert For Breakfast)

You’ve heard of breakfast for dinner, but we think breakfast for dessert can be just as satisfying. After all, if oatmeal is a hearty and nutritious way to start the day, it can also be a great way to satisfy anyone who didn’t fill up with dinner, right?

Whether you’re serving up instant pot apple cinnamon steel cut oats or healthy apple oatmeal cookies for breakfast or dessert, you can’t go wrong! You can also get your fruit and fibre from these vegan apple waffles, which can be frozen and enjoyed as a quick, anytime sweet treat.

We enjoy this staple fruit every time of year, but something about the crispness in the air and the fact that they’re in season makes apple dishes especially craveable to autumn appetites. Juiced, diced, caramelized, grilled, roasted, baked or blended – and did we forget to mention pickled? – apples can be the understated star of any meal.

So, if you’re feeling up to it, get out your cutest sensible apple-picking boots and head out to an orchard while the weather’s still fair and the apples are ripe. And don’t forget – canning all of those leftover apples will give you preserved homemade apple goodness all year long!

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