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How to Get Motivated for Work After a Vacation

"Oh, what fresh hell is this?” Dorothy Parker famously said after returning to work after an absence. Read how to make your return to work a bit less dramatic.
By aha insurance - Aug 5, 2018

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You’ve just finished one of the best vacations you’ve ever had, but instead of basking in the happiness and relaxation of a lovely trip or restful time at home, you’re obsessing about going back to work and getting back in the groove. Don’t worry — it’s normal. When your body and mind have settled into the routine of holiday mode, it’s often hard to get motivated for work.

Here are a few tips:

Plan your re-entry into reality

Go to bed early the night before, visualize a high level of energy at your job, make your lunch before bed, set out your wardrobe choice then too and consult your calendar so you know what’s on your agenda the next day. Feeling prepared helps motivation levels.


If you’ve been away somewhere with a significant time zone change, try to book an extra day or two after your arrival home to catch up on sleep and get rid of that jet lag. Nobody feels motivated when they’re dragging their tired butt around.


Give yourself comfort

Plan to wear your favourite outfit, eat your favourite food or visit your favourite work restaurant for lunch with your favourite coworkers, wear your most comfortable favourite shoes, and ensure you have your most upbeat, motivational playlist on your phone for your commute or your office earbuds.

Check what’s waiting

Don’t sit down and try to get through all the tasks and emails that have piled up in your absence, but a quick check the night before (we suggest ten minutes only) to survey what’s in store the next day can help you plan out your day to be most effective and also help you prioritize what needs your most urgent attention when you arrive at the office.

Be patient with yourself

It’s human nature to require a day or two to get your motivation back after a holiday from work, sometimes even longer, depending on the amount of time you’ve been gone and what you’ve been doing.

Keep your memories nearby

Create a screensaver of your favourite vacation photos, or set that cute little souvenir in front of you on your desk. It will keep you smiling as you recall what a great holiday you had, and inspire you to keep working towards your next time off work.

Schedule something enjoyable

Ask friends to meet for a drink or dinner mid-week of your first week back at work. It’s a reward for sustaining your motivation that far and also doesn’t make the weekend seem so far away. It’s also inspiring to catch up with people you enjoy spending time with and that positive energy can feed into your work.

Start Planning Your Next Holiday

There’s nothing like the anticipation of a new adventure to add a little pep to your step, so start dreaming about or even planning your next break from work. Knowing there is a payoff to all the hard work you do can definitely motivate you to work your hardest after returning from a vacation.

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