How To Cool Down A Room Without Air Conditioning

When the summer heat drags you down, try one of these tried and true methods of cooling off without air conditioning.
By aha insurance - Aug 5, 2018

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Air conditioning isn’t always a given for everyone in the summer. Maybe your place doesn’t have AC, maybe it’s broken, or maybe you’re trying to save money (or the environment). Either way, you still need to know how to cool down a room. Whatever the scenario that’s left you feeling the heat, here are some suggestions to cool off without relying on an air conditioner.

Dress Appropriately

Cotton breathes better than most fabrics and, as such, is your best choice when you’re trying to stay cool. The looser the fit, the better. Cotton sheets on your bed will also be the most effective for a more comfortable sleep!

Hack Your Windows

There are a few ways to use your windows to combat the heat. Your first option is to install light-blocking curtains, and to keep them closed to block the sun’s warmth from entering the room. Alternatively, you can embrace open windows… but do so by hanging a wet sheet in front of the window to cool the breeze as it blows through your space.

Cold Showers

While not necessarily pleasant, a cold shower does successfully bring down your core body temperature, which provides you with a nice—albeit temporary—respite from the heat.


Air Circulation

Ceiling fans work wonders in making a space feel cooler. The trick is to make sure to set the fan direction in accordance with the season. If you’re trying to cool down a room quickly, set the fan to be counter clockwise. If you love to let loose your inner MacGyver, try this trick: fill a bowl or container with ice and then rig up a fan behind the bowl. The cold air from the ice will rise, and the fan will blow the cooler air into the room.

Stay Hydrated

Whether you realize it or not, your body actually functions like a cooling system. Your body sweats to get rid of extra heat so that it can regulate body temperature. That water needs to be replenished, so drink up!

The next time a heat wave hits, don’t fret! Try these easy, economical solutions to cool down a room in no time when the temperatures spike.

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