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Goth Decor and Home Improvements

We're obsessed with these dark and beautiful home design transformation tips.
By aha insurance - Apr 11, 2022

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Goth decor and style are making a mainstream(ish) comeback in 2022. You can learn how to rock business casual goth looks from InStyle and read up on Instagram trends, including goth and its preppy and earthy cousins: dark academia and goblincore.  

Everyone’s favourite style inspo site Pinterest has also observed the rise of the goth aesthetic and how it’s making its way to unexpected places like cowboy fashion and kitchen decor:

“It’s not a phase. It’s a whole deal.

Welcome to the goth-aissance. Goth will make its way into the mainstream this year across all age groups—just not in the ways you might expect. Goth business casual, goth baby clothes and even goth kitchen decor are all trending up.”Pinterest Predicts

If you’ve ever dreamt of giving your home a gothic makeover, join us as we step into the fun dark side of home decor and meet a few friendly goths who share their spooky home design wisdom.

We’ll also share some insurance wisdom because we want you to stay protected even when we’re having spooky creative fun!

A row of images featuring Goth decor including a black and white tiled floor, distressed black walls, a black dresser with a black heart wall decal, a purple gothic chair in a victorian room and a black chandelier with a red background.

Paint it black & other goth-approved palettes.

When in doubt, painting a wall or piece of furniture black is the perfect way to tie a goth look together. Going with an all-black space is a bold design choice, but goth-inspired interiors and exteriors can incorporate a variety of moody hues. 

  • Classic colour accents: If dark walls aren’t your thing, thrifted containers and dark spray paint can help achieve your desired look. 
  • Consider contrast: Goth style also favours the high-fashion (sometimes pleasantly jarring) contrast of black and white. Whether in the form of stripes, prints or accents. It’s a pleasing balance of dark and light. 
  • Reds, purples and greens: These colours pop when paired with black and white. Stick to jewel-tone shades for a rich, elegant feel. 
  • Dark Victorian-inspired palettes: A mixture of deep and medium wood tones can give a space a classic victorian or goth-steampunk feel. 
  • Break the rules with pastels: Pastel goths love the contrast of fresh spring colours and black; it’s an exciting way to mix moody and bubbly vibes.  
  • Metallic elements: Create a sparkly glam Goth look.

A row of images featuring Goth decor, including black paper flowers with gold pistils, a silhouette image of a raven in a tree with a golden frame and a rose-gold coloured skull in a slate-gray space with white flowers.

Of course, Goth decor isn’t just about colour; let’s look at a few case studies of Goth re-designs that are scary good! 

Tiny, Budget-Friendly, Gothic Mansions

You don’t need an actual mansion or a huge budget to give your space a Goth home makeover. Even a shoebox (or coffin) sized apartment can get a fabulous gothic mansion treatment.

Jared from Weird Explorer used a combination of savvy secondhand shopping and salvaging and thrifty DIY hacks to transform his co-op apartment from drab to delightfully gloomy. 

A lovingly curated curio cabinet is a focal point of many Goth living rooms. Consider adding a scheduled property endorsement to your home insurance policy if you’ve invested in pricey decor items, such as a super cool fossil or ethically-sourced skull from your local oddity shop. 

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A Portland Patio Goth Decor Makeover

Rachel Mortician successfully made over her patio with strategic buys from Ikea and Target, proving that any store can supply goth decor if you have a creative vision for your space. 

Notes for Gothic Gardens

Tell your insurance company to make sure you’re covered if you own your home and want to do a renovation or landscaping project. If you’re installing a gothic gazebo, bat-shaped hot tub or black bottom pool. You don’t want insurance or liability issues ruining your Halloween in July pool party

Don’t have a graveyard on your property like the Adam’s Family? You can still create a lovely yard inspired by gothic architecture, victorian garden esthetics or even a Salem cemetery. We also love the idea of solar Light Chandeliers hanging from a gothic archway, which also have the added safety bonus of illuminating the darkness. 

Try growing dark and symbolic tragic romantic plants like bleeding heart (dicentra) flowers. Avoid poisonous and invasive plants to keep your appease inner eco-conscious woodland Goth. Check out Ontario’s Grow Me Instead guide. 

And don’t forget plenty of herbs! You can even mark your herbaceous friends with Goth it yourself gravestones or place them in pots inspired by gothic cathedrals. Do your best to keep them alive, so your garden is full of life and the witchy scent of fresh herbs. 

A row of images featuring Goth decor, including a gothic Victorian street lamp, a sink backsplash with black and white floral wallpaper, and a gothic cathedral's interior.

Memorabilia inspiring memento mori sentiments are a staple of Goth designs. Or, as our friends at PolicyMe say:

“Spoiler alert: We’re all gonna die.”

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A Dramatic Disney Goth Decor Bathroom Reno

If you want to keep your bathroom bright, White tile is a classic finishing that will make dark fixtures or accents jump out and grab you, figuratively, unless you have a poltergeist in your haunting home. 

Check out this video for helpful tips for those who dare to install black bathroom fixtures and perhaps some extravagant flourishes fit for a Disney Goth

We think using a Victorian-looking street lamp is an inspired bathroom lighting choice. Still, if you rent your lair like Voltaire, you’ll need your landlord’s approval for any mainstream or alternative renovations. 

Those who aspire to buy an older home should beware of these haunted home disclosures

A row of images featuring Goth decor, including a gold skull in a dark room with candles dripping red wax, ornate gold mirrors on a black wall and a crystal chandelier in a dark space with high ceilings.

When it comes to alt-styles, there are no hard and fast rules. While it’s easy to spot a Goth look, the subculture values expressing your creativity and individuality. 

You don’t have to go full-Goth to enjoy this trend; a touch of black, macabre imagery or furniture inspired by gothic architecture can elevate your decor with a pleasant contrast of dark and light. 

Goth-inspired decor can be maximalist and extravagant or lean more heavily on kitschy, grunge, and shabby-chic aesthetics.

Browse our library of more interior design and renovation trends to make your own. 

Check out our favourite fall decor ideas, complete with a tutorial for making a creepy sunflower garden and these Halloween hacks for those already thinking about spooky season. 

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