Cute Coffee Shops in Toronto for a First Date

Spice up your classic coffee date with a rendezvous at one of these outstanding cafes.
By aha insurance - Feb 6, 2020

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February is upon us, and that means Valentine’s Day will soon be here. Everyone seems to be in the mood for matchmaking or being matched with that compatible someone. Coffee dates are the perfect low-pressure way to get to know someone, while also discovering a new coffee place in the city.

If you’re single, have just met someone, and are looking for the perfect place for that first coffee date, look no further! One of these cute coffee shops in Toronto is sure to strike your fancy by making an attractive first impression.

Rooster Coffee House

This small local coffee chain features fashionable, quirky interiors with plenty of cozy seating. Their versatile cafe menu will fit every date’s tastes: Grab a latte and fresh baked pastry to break the ice, and stay for a nutritious lunch if you want to keep the conversation going. There are three Rooster Coffee House locations in Toronto to choose from: 568 Jarvis st.479 Broadview Avenue, and 343 King St. East. We recommend the shop on Broadview: If the two of you hit it off, you can go for a scenic walk in Riverdale Park and watch the sun set over an amazing view of the Toronto skyline.


Nestled inside a Kensington Market brick home painted bright turquoise, this Sweedish-inspired cafe is the perfect place to keep you and your date chatting about the stylish minimalist decor and gourmet menu. Try some of FIKA’s Sweedish style baked goods like those signature Sweedish cinnamon buns! If you’re craving a savory treat, there’s plenty of smoked salmon (and vegan alternative avocado) on the menu as well. FIKA’s standout interior feature is a wall that’s papered entirely with old books. If the two of you are on the same page, you might even be inspired to start planning a trip to Scandinavia, or maybe take it slow and recommend another coffee shop on this list. The two of you could be browsing the isles of IKEA together in no time!


Neo Coffee Bar

Another cafe with international flair, this cute Toronto coffee shop with a Japanese inspired menu isn’t just cute—it’s kuwaii! Bad first date jokes aside, Neo Coffee Bar is a great choice for daters looking for a taste of something a little bit different, like chocolate matcha lava cake or one of their signature Japanese roll cakes (which come in many heavenly flavours). All of this coffee bar’s pastries are made in house with a focus on sustainable and organic ingredients. The beverage menu puts as much emphasis on top quality coffees as it does teas, which is great if you’re not sure which your date prefers.

Between 12 and 4pm on weekends and holidays, Neo asks its customers to put down their laptops and tablets to encourage them to be present in the community and maybe even make a few new friends. This social practice is perfect for breaking any awkward, first-date silence by striking up a conversation with the couple sitting next to you. Singles might also enjoy the opportunity to chat with new people who share a similar interest in Toronto’s cafe culture.

CACAO 70 Eatery

Located in arguably one of the most romantic parts of the city, The Distillery Historic District, CACAO 70 has much more to offer than just coffee. To be honest, CACAO 70 is more of a chocolate shop than a coffee shop, but who doesn’t want to sample a delicious variety of artisan cacao products on a date? You can choose between three different mouth-watering plates of chocolatey treats.

What’s more romantic than roasting marshmallows with your date over an adorable mini grill? If you don’t feel like hot chocolate after indulging in this eatery’s decadent dishes, you can still grab a cup of your favourite specialty coffee. If your date feels like switching from caffeinated brews to that of the alcoholic variety, you can take a walk down the charming cobblestone street to Mill Street Brewery, where you can get to know your date over a cold small-batch brew from the nanobrewery.

Arvo Coffee

This is another shop located in the heart of the Distillery District, which still has a festive holiday vibe in February. Arvo shares its space with flower shop deLight. You can savour coffee and baked goods—like chocolate croissants—and enjoy the enhanced atmosphere that gorgeous floral arrangements bring to the table. This place definitely has a romantic vibe, which might be because one of the co-owners is a wedding planner. But you can definitely take your first date here slow and steady, as you watch your barista use the Silverton pour over method to brew you a flavourful caffeine fix. Why not buy your date a vibrant succulent as a souvenir when your date comes to a close?

Avro even offers a “Brew at Home” and “Latte Art Master Class”. These classes are more pricey than your average coffee date, but could make for a fun second date if you’ve found someone with whom you’d like to spend more time celebrating your mutual love of coffee. As an added bonus, February after dark in the Distillery District means you’ll be treated to the romantic glow of the beautiful art installations of the Toronto Light Festival.

We hope all you caffeine-loving date-seekers out there have found a few ideas for your next adventure. There’s certainly no better locale for a first date than a casual, trendy coffee shop. Discovering a new favourite place and bonding over your love of coffee (or anything else on the menu) will help ignite that spark.

These cute coffee shops in Toronto are also the perfect place to catch up with friends while enjoying great snacks, beverages, and charming decor. Or take yourself out for a midday pick-me-up and relax with a hot cup of joe while you watch the city bustle past the window from your comfy perch. Pick a place, get out there, and don’t forget to have fun! A great connection could be waiting for you in a cafe just around the corner!

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