The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for 2021

Inspiration to find mom the present that perfectly expresses your love and gratitude.
By aha insurance - Apr 29, 2021

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The truth is moms are so unique that any Mother’s Day gift guide can’t possibly include a link to all the items and experiences that would be perfect for every mom. Some moms say they don’t want anything, while others are more difficult to please, and most want to spend more time connecting with their children.

Whatever your plans to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, these five gift prompts will help you focus your search on the most meaningful options.  

Something vibrant and alive

A cut flower bouquet is a mother’s day classic for a reason, but mom might get even more enjoyment from a living plant she can nurture for months or even years to come. 

  • If mom has a green thumb, she’ll likely appreciate you spending an afternoon in the garden with her; you can even offer to take over the toughest outdoor chores or gift her a new lot of perennials for her flower beds.
  • For moms who love to cook: Pick up some fragrant fresh herbs for her kitchen windowsill or an assortment of plants that will bear her favourite heirloom veggies with a bit of love and care. 
  • Pick out a house plant that has a pop of colour or scent you know mom will love. Bamboo, succulents and cacti are excellent options for busy moms who still need a bit of vibrant greenery in their space. 

Living gifts can be symbolic of the bond you share with your mom and the growth of your relationship over the years. 

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Something sophisticated and homemade 

You might be too old (or self-critical) to make mom a macaroni necklace or finger painting, but that doesn’t mean mothers of adult children don’t prize homemade gifts. Chances are, mom will love something you took the time and effort to create more than an expensive piece of jewellery or commissioned portrait. 

If you have a passion for photography, painting, baking, etc., now’s the time to pour your talent into a project that will light up mom’s day. Can’t think of a skill worth sharing? If mom has always encouraged you to try new things, why not make her proud by trying a new artistic medium? We have some great suggestions for creative pursuits for beginners – from palette knife painting to candle making and glass etching – that would make perfect Mother’s Day gifts. 

Something that reminds mom to treat herself

Each mom is beautifully unique, but most tend to put their needs last. You’ll never be able to repay mom for everything she does for you, but you can remind her how special and important she is with luxury or creative DIY treats. 

  • Make cooking more fun with a meal kit delivery service or spring for a subscription box that will deliver a care package of mom’s favourite type of goodies monthly or quarterly. 
  • Bring a day of pampering home with a DIY spa gift basket, pedicure and manicure kit or some of mom’s favourite foods and beverages that she can enjoy as a much-deserved pick-me-up. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive; moms love it when you can show them that you pay just as much attention to their favourite things as they do to yours! 

Something to look forward to

Shared experiences are perfect for Mother’s Day because they give mom the priceless gift of time with you. If mom would enjoy a virtual cooking class or dance lesson, that’s awesome! But if she’d prefer an in-person experience, there’s plenty of opportunities to plan something that will bring the joy of anticipation.

It could be a trip to the spa, a sunflower or lavender field in full bloom, or something more elaborate like a full-blown vacation to a beautiful unexplored destination. 

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Something that gives back 

Moms are naturally selfless, giving people. While it’s always nice to give your mom a treat that’s just for her, sometimes the best gift for the mom with everything is a gift that gives to others. 

You can make a charitable donation of time or money in her name or purchase a present from an organization that supports a cause close to her heart. You can’t go wrong with compassionate, socially conscious tokens of gratitude for a mom who’s given you so much. 

Whichever gift you choose for mom, nobody knows her and how amazing she is better than you. You can use that knowledge (and your online research) to find an excellent gift, but remember that no material item can compare to the joy moms receive from connecting with their children! 

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